We offer BCM (Business Continuity Management) / GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) Software Solutions & Services to our clients to help them put in place their coordinated strategy for managing the broad issues of Corporate Governance, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Corporate Compliance with regard to regulatory requirements.

BCM/GRC business policies, Software Solutions / Tools and Services enable companies to implement, manage, monitor and measure the effectiveness of their Governance, Risk and Compliance strategies. GRC/BCM strategies span the entire organization, these tools and policies require management and coordination across numerous departments in an enterprise, including IT, management, security, compliance and auditing.

We partner with CLDigital (formerly Continuity Logic LLC.,) to provide the above mentioned software solutions and services. Continuity Logic (CL) has been named Gartner Quadrant Leader in BCM for five consecutive years. CL is an official IBM Silver Business Partner, positioned in IBM’s Global Solutions Directory.

CLDigital’s “CL 360” is cost effective, versatile BCM / GRC software that provides risk and enforcement teams with solutions ranging from RISKS (IT, Operational, Enterprise) to RESILIENCE (BCP, DR). This BCM/GRC Software Solution has been implemented at Fortune 500 Companies and other organizations like banks, credit unions, insurance, defence, pharmaceuticals / life sciences, Auto Finance, Online Payment Company, Hospital Chains and many more.

This solution has a very unique feature that enables customization and addition of new functions to the software without the need of additional coding. This solution or platform is  aptly called as “Zero Code Platform”. This can be handled by the user’s IT department or with the help of onsite support engineers (provided by us if required). This removes the need to return to the Design & Development Teams each time a change in functionality is needed.

Easy Deployment & Customization

CL's unique drag and drop allows you to be in charge and create your ideal management forms

Easy to Use

CL's intuitive design is easy to navigate using  GuideMe Tool


Organization based  Customization


Allows Internal & External Data Feeds


Supports the full spectrum of business continuity management planning. From plan creation to yearly Business Impact Analysis (BIA), the system allows the ability to include  all client's critical processes, suppliers, applications and key assets in a single platform      Internal & External Data Feeds

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