Softpath Systems is a provider of Consulting Services with focus on I.T. & I.T. Enabled Domains

Software Development / Implementation Consulting

Our Certified / Highly Skilled software consultants and business analysts partner with our clients to design, develop, and implement software solutions that optimize business productivity, operational efficiency and profitability. Some of the areas of focus have been Web Technologies, Enterprise Solutions, Cloud Technologies, and System Integration etc.

Softpath Systems provides marketing & implementation / support services to proprietary Software products of partner companies.

Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)/ Business Continuity Management (BCM) Consulting

We offer GRC/BCM Consulting Services to our clients to help them put in place their coordinated strategy for managing the broad issues of Corporate Governance, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Corporate Compliance with regard to regulatory requirements.

GRC/BCM business policies, Software Solutions / Tools and Services enable companies to implement, manage, monitor and measure the effectiveness of their Governance, Risk and Compliance strategies. GRC/BCM strategies rely on clearly defined, objective measurable parameters for providing companies with insight into the overall effectiveness in each area of governance, risk and compliance.

GRC/BCM strategies span the entire organization, these tools and policies require management and coordination across numerous departments in an enterprise, including IT, management, security, compliance and auditing.

We partner with Continuity Logic, LLC to provide the above services (www.continuitylogic.com)

Internet Based Life Simulation Consulting / Solutions

We provide modular / course-based Internet based Life Simulation Games which provide various sections of the population realistic, yet entertaining “experience-based learning” opportunity. These tools / solutions Combined with a dynamic curriculum using the Socratic method, which includes life skills workshops / workbooks centered on experience, analysis and decision-making skills of the individuals & groups.

We partner with American Dream Inc., Doylestown, PA, USA for providing the above services. (www.ad101.com),Hidden Impact(https://www.hiddenimpact.com/)

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